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Boys varsity soccer ends season proud of their accomplishments

After finishing the season in regional finals, boys varsity soccer ends with the title of district champions

The boys varsity soccer team felt the intensity of the game beginning, with the energy of the crowd anticipating the regional final game they were about to play. They took the field in East Kentwood last Thursday for one of their biggest games. After making it further than any Holt soccer team since 2009, they leave the season proud of what they accomplished.

Boys celebrating their win against Grand Ledge, becoming conference champions. | Photo Credit: Ashton Wright

The atmosphere wasn’t like any game they had played before.The place was completely new, but the fans brought a lot of spirit to the game giving it a heightened experience.

“It was a lot different because the fans went to the opposite side of the field and did their own little section and just cheered for us the whole game. It was really good. It was a lot better than most games,” said sophomore Caleb Schray.

On the road to the regional finals, the team became even more excited as they made their way through the games. The further the team went, the more support was given at each game.

The team felt increased pressure as they went into the game, but with the help from their teammates and the large crowd they brought with them, they made it one of their best.

“I think every time you advance through a tournament like that, the pressure starts to build the further you get. I don’t think it’s anything that necessarily affected the way we played. I think our boys stepped up throughout the tournament,” said senior Emery Miller.

Although the soccer team didn’t make it as far as they had hoped, they won districts and made it to the final round of regionals, going further than any Holt soccer team has in almost ten years.

Senior Emery Miller celebrating his goal against East Lansing. | Photo Credit: Abbey Raymond

Winning districts was a notable achievement for the team, being the underdogs of the conference. Freshman Timmy Vinton noted few expected the team to go the distance.

“We weren't supposed to make that far. We were supposed to lose the first round and we won districts, making it to regionals,” said Vinton.

Becoming the second best soccer team Holt has ever had, all of the players were proud of how far they came.

“I mean it’s a pretty big accomplishment and we are all proud of where we came. We would have liked to make it a little further, but we are proud of where we did make it to,” said junior Chase Murar.

As the season came to an end, the soccer team enjoyed their success and looked back on their achievements.

“It’s a really good program, lots of really good coaches, and it’s awesome to be able to create a little bit of history of our own,” said Miller.

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