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Coach Kosloski brings new atmosphere

Previous JV coach accepts new position as varsity head coach

While playing at the Redwing Invite held at St. Johns, sophomore Nateda Her finishes swinging her club after she drives the ball onto the course and watches it land on the green. [Photo by Abby Raymond]

As fall sports are nearing their end of season mark, players continue to work on their game and hope to reach their end of the season goals. Girls varsity golf is no different, although at the beginning of this season, they had some new additions and are still adjusting. Over the past few years, many sport teams have gained new coaching staff, including the golf team. Over the summer, junior varisty coach Brian Kosloski was asked to step up and take over the coaching duties for the varsity girl’s golf team. Known by many as “Coach Kos,” he has been the physical education teacher at Holt Junior High School, and JV girls golf coach for multiple years. Kosloski said he feels some added pressure with this switch, but he appreciates how well his players are transitioning. They have continued to do what is expected of them, despite the coaching revisions. “The competition at the varsity level is more intense than at the JV level...there are also additional responsibilities. I have really enjoyed this season as the varsity coach...the girls have worked hard, been very responsible with their school work, and represented Holt High School in an incredibly positive way,” said Kosloski. The majority of this year’s players have encountered Kosloski's coaching method before this season, but one of the top returning players has not. “This is my first time having him, so it’s a new experience and I’m pretty excited for the season,” said sophomore Nateda Her, who joined the varsity team her freshman year. Many other players are also eagerly awaiting to see what this season will bring. Not only has the varsity coach changed, but the JV coaching job has been filled as well. Physical education teacher Jennie Boike, has taken over the responsibilities for that position. In the past, she was assisting, but now she has to take on the obligations of being the head JV coach. Boike is looking forward to her new commitments to this program. She is also eager to continue working with Kosloski for both of the girls and boys varsity golf seasons. “[This job is] more as a way for me to connect with students in a new way. I have worked with Coach Kosloski in the past, and I am so excited about working with him again,” said Boike. D espite the changes to the coaching staff, many members of the team feel that overall, the program was not deeply affected by these alterations. “... I feel like for the most part it’s basically the same,” said senior Amanda Szymborski. Additionally, the athletes do not think the coaching staff changes will affect their playing and performance. More than half of this year’s team has had Kosloski as their coach for two years on the JV team, and they will now have him for a third on varsity. “It’s been really good, especially since a lot of us have had Kos in the past, so he knows our playing styles and how we play,” said junior Abby Rutledge. In past years, these players have been accustomed to a tough and strict coaching style, but are now being introduced to a more calm and positive method. “It’s fun and I love it, but I just feel like I’m on JV still... I feel more pressure now since only 6 can make it to a match. But like practice aspects and everyone on the team is more laid back, now that Kos is coach,” said junior Anna Johnson. Although players may now feel the stress of competing for the 6 open spots to go to a match, not much else has changed compared to the JV team. Last season, Nateda Her independently qualified to go to the state competition, but this year, she hopes for more of her team members to make it to states with her. “I really want the team to qualify for states so we all go together. Last year I qualified as an individual but it’s more fun with the team,” said Her.

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