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First look at Holt’s “Twelve Angry Men”

The cast of Twelve Angry Men poses in a black and white tribute to the show’s setting. | Photo Credit: Ayden Soupal

Tori Van Wyck as Juror 1

Isabella Cosme-Brooks as Juror 2

Cam Trudell as Juror 3

Cade Venzke as Juror 4

Te’Asia Malone as Juror 5

Emily McNamara as Juror 6

Nic Lewis as Juror 7

Forrest Colson as Juror 8

Felicia Lemmon as Juror 9

Olivia Meland as Juror 10

Stevie Wulfekühler as Juror 11

Te’Ana Boone as Juror 12


All 12 “men” pose up against the wall.

Twelve Angry Men opens this weekend in the Black Box Theater, on Friday and Saturday, the 8th and 9th, at 7pm, and Sunday, the 10th, at 2pm. Tickets will be $5 and sold at the door.

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