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Go Time lacks consistency

With a clear goal, Go Time could be more effective

Go Time has been used in many different ways since it was first implemented. Most recently, it has involved a PowerPoint or video that takes about five minutes, with maybe a few nuggets of helpful information, and then back to class time. For most students, this probably sounds familiar. Some teachers skip Go Time altogether and use it as additional class time.

Go Time has changed over the years and to many teachers and students, the goal of Go Time is unclear. Faculty members have worked to try to make Go Time a beneficial time for the whole school. but there still seems to be a lack of shared vision. Those who plan the lessons likely have a clear goal in mind, but it seems that goal is often lost in translation from the lesson planner to the teachers to the students, or isn’t translated at all.

What is taught and for what purpose changes every Go Time. This leads to confusion and frustration for students and teachers and poses the question “What is the goal of Go Time?”. The main categories that Go Time lesson tend to fit into Our View Go Time lacks consistency With a clear goal, Go Time could be more effective Cartoon by Ayden Soupal are encouraging better citizenship, addressing a school wide issue, or self reflecting. time such as working on portfolio presentations. These themes are all important, but when students and staff never know what to expect or how to teach a lesson, it’s hard to maintain engagement.

GoTime has the potential to be a program that encourages students to set a vision for themselves, academically and personally. With a more clear outline of what the goal of Go Time is, students would be able take advantage of the time and find that Go Time is a beneficial part of their high school experience.

Every grade could have specific goals and outlines that would help them navigate the traditional high school progression and allow them to prepare for their post secondary education plans.

Starting freshman year, students could be guided through the process of goal setting for high school and beyond. This could include planning their schedule for the rest of high school and beginning to consider post-secondary education plans. Portfolios could be reflective of these goals and have examples of the first steps they have taken towards them.

Sophomore year could be a time to continue refining their goals and get more exposure to different career paths. Guest speakers could be a great way for students to talk to professionals in a variety of fields.

Junior year could be a time learn about how to start the application process for college and other programs. They could get ahead on scholarship opportunities or prepare for the SAT.

Senior year could be a time to finish strong and find guidance through transitions. Go Time would be a time to reflect on the goals they set freshman year and get ready to take the next step.

Currently, Go Time is lost time for many students.

Creating a more clear outline and a consistent implementation of Go Time would give Holt a unique program that could help create a more academic culture among students and set them up to have more success, as opposed to the current use of this time.


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