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Gravity Smokehouse Review

A look into the new local BBQ Restaurant

Gravity Smokehouse & BBQ is one of the best restaurants that has opened in Holt yet. If you’re looking for a BBQ joint with perfectly cooked meat and yummy sides, this is your place.

Gravity recently opened on Cedar street in Holt and has been thriving ever since. It is a BBQ restaurant with drive through and catering options also. The restaurant even has a traveling food truck! It is a quick and convenient stop with food that tastes like it’s been in the making for hours, which most of it has.

Photo Credit: Olivia Grasso

Gravity uses homemade ingredients and sauces and the effort shows in the flavors. The meat is well-cooked and flavorful, and when you add the homemade BBQ, it can’t get better. The mac and cheese tastes like it’s right from your grandmother's kitchen, and the baked beans complement everything perfectly.

Gravity also has daily specials with deals on food that are hard to resist. These special meals are unique and keep people coming back to try new and better plates.

Besides the awesome food, the service couldn’t be better. The people are dedicated and friendly. They make the restaurant inviting and comfortable.

Overall, Gravity Smokehouse & BBQ is the place to go if you’re looking for delicious food and an overall great dining experience.

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