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Gymnastics team gains two new members

The Holt gymnastics team adds two gymnasts after the combination of Holt and Mason programs

Illustration: Brian Richard Griffin | Photo Credit: Delaney Darling

As the start of the gymnastics season approached, the Holt gymnasts were gearing up for the season ahead. With the team lacking in number of members, Mason gymnasts were added to Holt’s program which brought a new dynamic. The Mason gymnastics program was being shut down due to lack of coaching staff, but there were two girls that fought be a part of a team, regardless of where it was located. Senior Jordyn Bodell from Mason went in front of her school board, presenting the idea of adding the two gymnasts onto the Holt gymnastics team. Holt accepted the two gymnasts, seniors Jordyn Bodell and Charlese Dumond, to form a team of nine. The girls were quickly welcomed and went to work preparing for the season ahead. The team feels as though the two were a great addition and they have been happy with the scores they have been earning. Along with the improved scores, the team feels that they have bonded better than in years past. This year, the girls have been more encouraged by each other to become better gymnasts for themselves and for their team.

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