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Legally Blonde comes to Holt

Legally Blonde cast prepares for this years big production.

Junior Kate Myers singing a solo during a play practice on Wednesday the 6th.

Whispers in a dark theater as the spotlight hits center stage, now hearing nothing as the crowd focuses on Elle. A new take on a well known movie, with ways of hooking the crowd into the plot.

For years, Holt High School has put on a musical in the fall time. People all throughout the community get excited to watch this annual event, and for the performers, they finally get to share what they've put hours of hard work into. This year, the new cast has been rehearsing for almost two months to perform the musical “Legally Blonde”.

Legally Blonde is being performed in the Holt High School auditorium on November 8th-10th and the 15th-17th. Although the play is still a few weeks away, it is approaching quickly, and as always, the actors are working hard to make sure that they’re ready to perform.

Junior Mai Doan plays the role of Chutney Windham in Legally Blonde. Doan believes that the cast is working hard to be ready for opening night. “I think it will be really stressful but at

the end of the day, we will be [ready],” she said.

Junior Kate Myers and sophomore Evan Krom singing a duet during a play practice on Wednesday the 6th.

Although rehearsing for the big day may be stressful, the performers are very excited and ready to impress the audience. The main female role, Elle Woods is played by junior Kate Myers. Myers said “I'm honestly excited for all of it. It's a really really high energy play so it's just going to be a lot of fun and I’m excited to share that with everybody.”

The other main role, Emmett Richmond, played by sophomore Evan Krom, says he's excited about the play because “It's like a fun type of a musical and it can be enjoyable for all types of ages.”

It takes talent to be able to get up on stage and perform in front of a crowd of people. Myers got inspired to use her talent to perform when she was a young age. “My sister, I’ve been watching her in the shows since I was like eight years old and I started high school theater in 8th grade so I’ve been in all the musicals since then,” said Myers

These performers are working hard to perfect their show before the big opening day and are making sure this production will be the best one yet.

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