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Marching band seniors reflect on past Silver Bells

As Silver Bells passes, the marching band seniors look back on their previous experiences

Marching band students get off the bus, and gather in sections as they prepare to line up for the parade. | Photo Credit: Ines Tomic

As the November wind blows through the lighted city, the cold becomes less prominent as people line up to feel the warmth of the music the band brings. The Holt Ram Marching Band brought this into thought as they endured the cold, with pink fingers and red noses. As the band prepared for the 34th annual Silver Bells in the City, seniors reflected on past experiences.

When it comes to being in the band, not many members remembered to dress for the weather.

“It’s freezing cold...sometimes it rains and you aren’t wearing anything under your uniform,” said senior Andrew Ferdig.

As the years have gone by, the band used many methods to warm up, including layers of clothing under their uniforms and hand warmers under their gloves. Not only does the cold affect the players, but it also affects their instruments.

“It’s freezing, freezing cold, and my instrument stops working halfway through,” said senior Zahrria Smith.

There aren’t many ways to heat up a metal or brass instrument, but some students even got creative and stash their instruments in their uniform for a while before, and even after, the parade.

With every downside, there is always something positive, and the band keeps that in mind, as senior Kennedy Zimmerle says.

Said Zimmerle, “Nobody is really negative unless it’s freezing outside. Everyone is just there to have fun and watch the lights and it’s just a happy time.”

Although the cold can cause members to create a negative environment, the seniors continued to keep it positive as they realized that it was their one last chance to be with everyone.

Many factors can play into difficult performance, but the band was prepared. The cold and the freezing instruments were nothing compared to the positive energy that radiated from the event felt senior drum major Cecelia Haering.

Says Haering, “So it’s freezing, which is a downside, but it does give a guaranteed date for just hanging out with all of your friends in the band, and it’s like you are a part of this happy occasion you used to always look forward to.”

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