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New crew comes to Holt

New club helps freshman make their transition from junior high to high school

The Holt Ram Crew is a new club that consists of a group of upperclassmen that help lead and mentor freshman who are new to the high school.

“Holt Ram Crew is originally Link Crew, which is a national program focused on linking incoming freshmen with upperclassmen in hopes of providing positive role models and building positive relationships,” said teacher and crew leader Gretchen Gibbs.

The week before school starts, on Aug. 16, all incoming freshman will come to the auditorium at the high school and there will be an informational meeting with the upperclassmen members of Crew.

“We chose people based on a variety of factors including leadership ability, accountability, enthusiasm, independence, etc.,” said Gibbs.

Once that meeting concludes, there will also be more activities in the gym and around the school. Finally, after all of the events, the freshman will be separated into groups of about ten people and will be paired with two senior leaders who will have a group meeting with them that day.

The seniors are to connect with their underclassmen group members weekly and invite them to activities to make sure that they are enjoying their time at the high school and making new friends.The Crew Club is making an easier transition for the new freshman coming into the high school, and helping them have a less complicated shift to their new schooling experience.

Said Gibbs,“by implementing Holt Ram Crew, we and the administration at Holt High School are hoping to increase school spirit, decrease absences, decrease discipline issues, and much more.”

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