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New teachers bring a new dynamic with students

With staff positions open at the beginning of the school year, many students have completely new teachers.

As the new school year started, freshman weren’t the only new faces in the school. Other new faces were seen in the halls: new teachers.

With positions available, many new staff members were hired at Holt High School for the school year. Some of these teachers were previously teaching at the Junior High or in another district, but most of them are completely brand new to teaching.

“We can try and get her used to the new school, break her in and everything. And she can learn as she goes and grow with the kids” said senior Shayne Craft when asked what it is like having a new teacher. His teacher, Lauren Hallett, did her internship at Holt and now has a position teaching English. She is just one example of the multiple teachers at Holt in their first year of teaching.

English teacher Ms. Lauren Hallett helps her student on an assignment in the classroom. This is her first year teaching. Photo Credit: Samantha Bird

In order to try and grow, many teachers try to take recommendations from their students. Freshman Mia Bergethon likes being able to give recommendations to her teacher because she has more say in how the class is run.

“You can have more of a fun class if they’re giving recommendations”, said Bergethon.

The dynamic between new teachers and students differs from what it is like having a teacher with more experience in the classroom.

“Sometimes it just seems like they change their plans more like they start out doing something like a certain way, but then they end up changing it,” said junior Rebecca Stokes.

In addition, “all of the new teachers are laid back, and they don’t give you as much work as the older teachers” said sophomore Danny Abdouch.

However, as Craft puts it, there is a downside to having a newer teacher with a more relaxed style. “It also has your setbacks because like I said, it’s a new teacher and she still has to get used to everything,” said Craft.

Being in a school with older teachers and newer teachers, students will most likely experience being taught by both. With a new teacher, students have no idea what their teacher was going to be like coming in. They don’t have the option to learn about the teacher from previous students or siblings. Craft is okay with the element of complete surprise. Whereas having a teacher who has previously been teaching at Holt, students like Bergethon can prepare.

“I like to know what they're like, as long as it's stuff I probably should know,” said Bergethon.

When it comes to new teachers and teachers with more experience, Craft compared his teachers. In the end, “They both want to help. They are both here for the kids,” said Craft.

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