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New Trop on the block

Tropical Smoothie Cafe opens on Cedar St.

On Feb. 22, Tropical Smoothie Cafe officially opened for business. The company had three other locations open in East Lansing and downtown Lansing. However, a new location has just opened on Cedar Street near the Pennsylvania Avenue intersection. Along with the opening came new opportunities for the area.

Holt & South Lansing finally welcome the new Tropical Smoothie to their business community. | Photo Credit: Brian Richard Griffin

“It’s going to create some jobs and bring people together outside of school,” said junior Carson Raeder.

Raeder is one of eight students currently working at Tropical Smoothie. Four seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores from Holt work there.

“I chose to work at [Tropical Smoothie] because I wanted to have a job that was close to me but to also have fun,” said senior Sam Ferguson.

The new site is closer to the high school than others. Students now have the chance to enjoy the food more often.

“I love having it on Cedar because it’s so close to everything and now you can go there right after school, work, or a school event without having to drive fifteen-plus minutes,” said Ferguson.

The restaurant is allowing some student workers to gain some valuable work experience. Meanwhile, they get to see their friends from school.

“It’s my first job. I’m learning a lot, and the environment is good,” said Raeder. “People come in there after school and get food, and we get to communicate with each other and see each other after school.”

Workers at Tropical Smoothie get half-off discounts on work days and 20% discounts on off days. They also get to see other classmates when working.

“It’s a good atmosphere and it’s fun to see your friends when you’re at work,” said sophomore Kara Nowland who also works at the new location.

Having Holt students employed at the restaurant encourages people to go. Visiting friends at work is a bonus to getting a smoothie.

“Seeing other students working there is awesome, especially since some of them are my friends,” said senior Anthony Elmo.

Elmo goes to Trop at least twice a week. He also makes a couple spontaneous visits as well.

“I love seeing my peers while I’m working,” said Ferguson. “It’s our job to make it a fun experience for everyone, but being friends with most of the customers makes the job easier.”

Since the workers are friends with some students, it creates a great environment. That allows the restaurant to become a go-to place.

“I see a lot of my friends there,” said Nowland. “It’s like a new hangout spot.”

Overall, the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a positive addition for many. Students are using the site to bond over a quick bite after school.

“Having a Trop. in our area is a great opportunity for our community to come together and spend time as a family,” said Ferguson

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