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Quiz bowl heads to nationals

The Holt quiz bowl team goes to nationals for the third year in a row

The teams are head to head. Holt answers right, then Dewitt answers right. This goes on until Holt answers right and Dewitt answers wrong and Holt takes the lead.

Quiz bowl is a series of questions related to school subjects that make you think. Quiz bowl is an after school club run by math teacher Dave Hildebrandt.

Each year, the quiz bowl team practices and competes to qualify for Nationals. This year the Holt team beat the undefeated number one seed in championships, Dewitt A, to get to the national spot. This is the third year in a row that the quiz bowl team has qualified for Nationals.

Before reaching Nationals, the quiz bowl team competed in the 20-school Tri-County League competition on February 20th to March 3rd. The team came in second place at the competition: qualifying them for nationals.

“I am excited about nationals because we did not think we were going to win the game at all, then it just happened. None of us were expecting it, so we were really surprised. It is in Atlanta, so it is going to be a good time,” said junior Joel Arntz.

Nationals are on Monday, May 27th. Good luck to seniors Andrew Ferdig, Cecelia Haering, and Linda Lee, and juniors Ritvik Pasham, Joel Arntz, Evan Williams, Sullivan Goren, and Lucas Nunn.

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