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Real ballers wear pink

Students and staff members raise money for breast cancer awareness

With time expired, senior Roman Sarkisov had one final free throw to tie the game. He put the ball in the air, and with a swoosh, it went in. The student team went crazy, all running to celebrate, booming over the speaker you could hear the voice of announcer Russ Olcheske say, “the only loser tonight is cancer.”

Principal Mike Willard is upset with student referee Joseph Martinez for making a crucial call for the student team. Junior Samuel Ammon cheers in the background encouraging the call. | Photo Credit: Katelyn Whiteman

On Thursday, October 25, the National Honor Society hosted a Student vs. Staff basketball game. The purpose of this game was to raise money for the “Real Men Wear Pink” foundation. “Real Men Wear Pink” gives men a leadership role in the fight against breast cancer, by raising money for research and treatment.

The select students playing in the game were prepared to have fun against the teachers for a good cause but were slightly worried about their aggressiveness.

“I think it will be fun… It might be a little challenging because I feel like the staff will get really competitive, but I think it will just all around be a great time,” said senior Sophie Romigh.

Students were excited to get a chance to show off their skills against the staff team and were not holding back.

“I’m definitely not letting anything go against them. I’m giving 110% against them, they’re not getting anything easy,” said senior Isaiah Jackson.

Although the students were playing for fun they were also playing to bring awareness, and support the important people in their lives.

Seniors Sophie Romigh and Olivia Hornak pose for pictures as they wait for the game to resume. | Photo Credit: Delaney Darling

“I’m playing for Maura’s mom, Mrs. Gnass… Because I have been good friends with Maura for a while and she means a lot to me,” said Romigh.

When asked who they think will win the game, many students were confident in the ability of their peers and did not take the faculty as a serious threat.

“Students for sure,” said senior Carter Vandlen, convinced that the younger team would pull through with a win.

For most of the game the student team was ahead by a good margin, but towards the end, the teachers and other staff members began to close the gap. With teacher’s free throws being worth four points in the fourth quarter, they were able to claw their way back on top.

Principal Michael Willard and security guard Timothy Wells came up big for the staff team and were crucial in their comeback.

The faculty stole the lead for the final seconds of the game, with a huge layup from Willard. Senior Roman Sarkisov shot a three-pointer as time expired, and missed, but got fouled. Following much deliberation, the referees decided to give Sarkisov his three free throws. Sarkisov made two of his three possible free throws, and the final score was 64-64, finishing the game in a tie.

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