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Recycling Project at North Campus paves way for students to start a recycling initiative

Capstone students start to gather plastic and paper in order to create something new


Business Manager

Abigail Arsenault


The bottles and bottle caps are built up in the recycling bins at the North Campus. Stacked a mile high, the young students are paving a way for more recycling and a green earth. Blue and purple bins are scattered across the hallways so they can be used to hold old bottles, bottle caps, and paper. The blue bins indicate plastic waste such as water bottles or other plastic items. The blue bins indicate paper, so extra scrap paper or old work assignments.

This recycling project was started by a handful of senior students after taking inspiration from Erin Umpsteads Senior Capstone class. They were asked to take the lead on an issue they deemed as important and something they wanted to see change in. The students were asked to present their ideas in front of the class, and they would then vote on which one was the most important.

Senior Andrew Blowers presented the idea of recycling to the class, and his idea took off. The recycling project group slowly built itself after students joined after they voted on the topic that they thought needed the most attention.

“We presented our topics and we broke into groups based on what we voted for,” said Blowers.

He is glad to see everyone’s involvement in the project and he knows it’s a reflection of what he believes in.

“I’m passionate about the environment. People should be more cautious of pollution and waste. It can potentially get worse for future generations,”

said Blowers.

Senior Gladys Kamdem helped with this recycling project, and she happily took on the project with open arms. She took this recycling project on because she wanted to see the world become a better place.

“Our planet is dying and I wanted to search for a way towards a better world. Recycling can be a thing that the whole community can be a part of,” said Kamdem. With this project moving forward into the future, she hopes to see more coming to it. Even though there are recycling bins at the main campus, she hopes to see it grow bigger.

“I hope they will see an impact and difference by taking more recycling to the main campus,” said Kamdem.

The leftover caps will be used to make a bench made out of the recycled plastic from them. The group has aspirations to continue for the rest of the school year, and they hope to continue to make a positive impact on the environment.

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