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Robotics team returns from playoffs

Despite the controversy of losing, the Holt robotics team still brings home award

From March 7th to March 9th, the Holt robotics team, also known as the “Robo Rams” participated in a competition in Milford, MI.

Senior Christian Giggy tests the main scoring mechanism on the practice field. | Photo Credit: Allison Oviedo

At robotics competitions, an “alliance” is made up of three teams. Each match is one alliance against another. After the qualification rounds, the Rams were placed as the number five alliance out of eight total. The Rams went up against the number four alliance, ended up victorious, and afterward put up a fight for the next two matches. They ended up losing and were knocked out of the playoffs.

The Holt group was competing against 40 other robotics teams in total over the weekend and finished the playoffs with a 6-6-0 record. Although they did not win the competition, the team was presented with the Gracious Professionalism award during the awards ceremony which recognizes the group that was most willing to help other teams.

Students who participate feel that robotics club is a fun way to advance their educational experiences and interact with people who have the same passions.

“Robotics club for me is a cool way to learn new things as you go and make new friends in the process that have the same interests as you,” said senior Corban Ferris.

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