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Seniors take one last step before parting ways

Senior Challenge Day offers students one final opportunity to participate in the event

Challenge Day is an all-day event dedicated to growing as a class before parting separate ways, there are activities such as cross the line, small family groups, at the end of the day and bonding activities in the beginning of the day. Senior Challenge Day is for seniors who have never had the chance to experience Challenge Day during their high school career. Senior Challenge Day was organized by senior Samantha Ferguson, with the help of principal Michael Willard, North Campus secretary Christine Lopez, Hope Middle School dean of students Joann Weil, and also support from Delta Dental.

Challenge Day is a time to break down emotional walls and to grow closer to your peers. It is also an opportunity to share things that people may have not shared before, and to release the things that may be bottled up. The day starts with fun and games to get comfortable with each other, and then it gets serious and emotional. At the end of the day, there will be a better understanding of what everyone is going through and the things that others have experienced.

“[We wanted] to give our classmates the chance to participate if they have never had the the opportunity and to come closer together before we all part ways,” said Ferguson.

Senior Challenge Day will take place on Tuesday, April 9th, during one of the “senior experience” days. The event is scheduled to have around 50 seniors, 15 teen leaders, and 15 volunteer adults from around the community. The day will run from approximately 8:30am to 1:35pm and will take place in the Main Campus gym.

Students who are interested in signing up for Senior Challenge Day can contact Lopez or Reinecke in the North Campus office.

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