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Spiderman: No Way Home to hit theatres with fanfare

Highly anticipated Marvel film sparks excitement in Holt fans


by Adam Burger


Superheroes have flown into the box office and the hearts of movie lovers all over the world.

The upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third installment of the Jon Watts Sony/Marvel Spider-Man franchise, is scheduled to be released to theaters on Dec 17. It will star some of the most popular up=and-coming actors and actresses, including Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Marisa Tomei.

Spider-Man films have had a major impact on pop culture, and this upcoming film won’t break the trend. With eight feature length films, ten animated series, and two live action television series, Spider-Man has become one of the most recognizable and important fictional characters in the world.

With the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home reaching over 355 million views, it has set a new record for most views on a movie trailer on YouTube. Fans are excited about this upcoming film and are showing it by watching the trailer.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has already created lots of media hype, surpassing Avengers: Endgame, another Marvel film currently sitting at number two of top grossing movies of all time, in total trailer views.

Cinema fans all over the world are drawn into theaters by the action, costumes, and special effects. However, recently, these comic films have started to evolve into more sophisticated pieces of art.

“...The creators of these superhero films [DC and Marvel] seem to be trying really hard to not only excite fans with the production value, but also be thoughtful about back stories and plot directions,” said English and film teacher Anne Russo.

The superhero film directors, like James Gunn, Christopher Nolan, and the Russo Brothers, have created a new type of superhero film that has the potential to shift the filmmaking business in a different direction.

“They recognize audiences want and expect more, and I can appreciate that, especially as a film teacher,” said Russo.

As Avengers: Endgame pools a whole universe into one film, Spider-Man: No Way Home has confirmed production choices that can potentially one-up its Marvel counterpart.

Officially, multiple villains from previous Spider-Man films have been confirmed to reprise their role in the newest adaptation of the famed hero. Stars like Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, and Jamie Foxx as Electro have been confirmed to be returning to play their old roles.

Bringing back characters from both Toby Maguire's Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield's The Amazing Spider-Man has the potential to bring multiple generations of superhero fans together. Not only are these films bringing character development and plot twists to the front burner, but they are also bringing nostalgia to long time watchers.

However, there are people who disapprove of the big budget comic book films taking over the box office. For example, Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese referred to Marvel movies as “not cinema” in an interview with Empire magazine. Being the film icon that he is, many people took his word as gospel; however, many long time Marvel fans have thrown backlash at Scorsese and stood behind Marvel.

There is a common idea that comic films are created to simply fill the time and our minds with explosions and bright colors. This idea says that these movies should not be seen as pieces of art, but rather as mindless entertainment to waste time and make money.

However, the superhero fan community is okay with the fact that these movies are not going to win Oscars, because they get the enjoyment, the nostalgia, and the connection to the films that they are looking for. This franchise has been an influential part of many people’s lives, including senior Sergio Rodriguez.

“I just always wanted to be like the superheroes,” said Rodriguez, “It’s just something that when you grow up, and you’re looking at somebody doing great things, you kind of just want to mirror that same thing that they’re doing.”

Many fans share these feelings with Rodriguez. Individuals and families have been affected by these films and they hold a special place in their hearts.

“We are passing it on from generation to generation, like my little cousin, he loves Spiderman.” said Rodriguez.

The influence of superhero films is not specific to our generation. There have been versions of superheroes for many generations before us and there will be more superheroes in the future generations.

The impact of comic book films will affect future generations just like it has affected this one. They will continue to grow in popularity and become one of the most beloved movie genres of all time.

Russo said, “Movies provide escapism into so many worlds for a time, and everyone can benefit from that in our lives.”

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