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String of pipe bombs sent to democratic influencers

Thoughts on Republican Cesar Sayoc’s grievous politically-driven choice

Boy, do I love politics.

Authorities have suspect 56 year-old Cesar Sayoc in custody as of Fri, Oct. 26 for the 14 (and counting) pipe bombs that were sent out and discovered in multiple mail rooms/ packaging companies.

On Oct. 25, several pipe bombs were sent to various sources, all democratically influenced or recognized in some capacity, via mail by defendant Cesar Sayoc. Most notably, these sources include former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton, CNN’s New York office, and former Vice President Joe Biden. Sayoc is very vocal on his political views, with several photos of him attending President Donald Trump’s rallies, a collage of photos depicting Trump and Republican figures plastered on the sides of his white van, which he supposedly lived in, and so on. It is unclear as to the exact reasoning behind Sayoc distributing the bombs, besides the obvious political disagreement, as he is currently pleading not guilty to the court. Sayoc, if found guilty and convicted, could spend 48 years in federal prison. Personally, if I created and mailed out bombs to people I didn't politically agree with, and end up being caught, I wouldn’t fess up right away either. But then again, I wouldn’t mail bombs to people. The actions by Sayoc only further prove and demonstrate how chaotic things are in America, and how no one is really doing anything about it.

President Donald Trump has tweeted on the subject a few times, blaming the media and becoming rather offended that the media, in return, is blaming him for Sayoc’s actions. Cesar Sayoc had a list of over one hundred people who he planned to mail the homemade bombs to. Undoubtedly, Sayoc choosing to create and send bombs to multiple people with ties to the Democratic party is not Trump’s fault. However, Trump practically dismissing the topic entirely is where the problem lies. Following these events, the media has received ill-defined commentary from President Trump. A tweet from Trump, on Oct. 26, reads:

This tweet beautifully depicts the miniscule effort he has put forth into the matter.

It has been considered by the president and other officials [who are investigating this case] that Sayoc is burdened by some type of mental illness.

“He was insane a long time before. You look at his medical records, he was insane for a long time,” said Trump, according to an interview from Fox News.

No one should have to struggle with their mental health, and I cannot find a reason to disagree with taking that factor into account at the very least. The unfortunate side, however, is the potential abuse of pleading insanity, and hopefully that is not the case if that is how things turn out to be.

Nevertheless, it is troubling to me, that our president dismisses such dangerous and threatening affairs. A man, who regardless of his political opinions, has plotted, fabricated, and distributed harmful and ruinous combustial weapons. That is completely unacceptable, and I cannot wrap my brain around why Trump is not exponentially more concerned.

I have never understood why politics are such a common ground for people to be so stubborn and unforgiving. These are the situations that are no longer hypothetical. Countless stories every day circle news channels over terrible, devastating occurrences. There are shootings, there are acts of discrimination and terrorism, and there are bombs that could have destroyed families and put the United States in a harrowing position. I vye for a time where citizens come together and find reasonable solutions to their problems, rather than spitting fiery hate between the discrepancy.


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