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Teachers and staff participate in bearded charity fundraiser

“Beards for Bucks” raises money for charity during No-Shave November

No-Shave November is an event where men participate by growing out their facial hair for the entire month of November. Initially, this was to raise awareness for prostate cancer, but the participating staff members put their own spin on it by each choosing a charity to donate to. In order to raise the funds, students donated 50 cents a ticket to be put in a drawing to choose how each teacher shaves their beard at the end of the month.

Here are some of the teachers, before and after:

Mr. Jones

American Cancer Society

“I chose American Cancer Society in honor of No-Shave November, which is what [was] initially used to raise awareness for [prostate] cancer.”

Beard Crush: none

Mr. Olcheske

National Alliance of Mental Illness

“...I think [the fundraiser] going to become an annual thing.”

Beard Crush: none

Mr. Melville

Holt Staff Challenge

“[For the Holt Staff Challenge], the staff collects money and donates it to a student in need, that's what I'm here for. The students.”

Beard Crush: none

Mr. Hildebrandt & House of Promise

“If teachers are going to shave their beards why not give students the opportunity to decide how teachers shave their beards into some crazy style and make them pay for it.”

Beard Crush: Hulk Hogan

Mr. Huhn & Holt Staff Challenge

“I chose Holt staff challenge. That's the one where a bunch of us at the beginning of the year donate money and then hand it out to kids who have scenarios pop up or who need a little help throughout the year. I like that one because the money is going directly to our students.”

Beard Crush: Paul Rudd

Mr. Vessell

Holt Food Bank

“I chose the Holt Food Bank, I noticed that nobody else has chosen that and I thought that it was a good cause.”

Beard Crush: Brett Farve

Mr. Hodges

Gay Straight Alliance

“It started just because we thought it would be nice to bring back the nasty stache.”

Beard Crush: Mr. Potter

Mr. Trunk

Pop-Up Pantry

“[I participated] because I hate shaving, and also it is going to a good cause.”

Beard Crush: Mr. Foy

Mr. Pulver

“I lost my father in law to prostate cancer about four years ago and ever since then I’ve participated in growing my beard out in November.”

Beard Crush: none

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