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The annual powderpuff game serves a new purpose

On November 10th, the National Honor Society ran the event as a new community fundraiser.

By Olivia Grasso

Senior powderpuff team huddles around senior coaches Peyton Bruce, Jojo Martinez, and Dalton Belen prior to the game | Photo credit: Leah Alam

It is your average football game, but with a twist.

Powderpuff. A school tradition all throughout the country. Powderpuff serves as a chance to switch roles and let high school girls participate in football for one night.

It is a longstanding tradition at Holt High School where the junior and senior girls face off in a game of flag football while being coached by boys from the Holt varsity football team. The yearly powderpuff game is a great source of fun and entertainment for students, teachers, and even families.

While the entertainment continues, powderpuff has undergone a few new changes this year.

While the event was originally put on by the senior class, this year, the Holt National Honor Society has taken over in facilitating the powderpuff game. The game is still mainly run by the students, but the National Honor Society is there to help everything run smoothly and ensure student safety.

The powderpuff game is not easy to put on. The organizers first have to find a date that works for everyone. They also have to find many volunteers in order to help with security on and off of the field. Junior Annie Nguyen, a member, and officer of NHS, said: “We have to plan out how many people are coming, who’s volunteering, expected amounts of people based on last year's results.” This is a job that NHS can now help with since it is a hard task for the students alone.

The assistance of the NHS with powderpuff enables the game to be turned into a charitable event. All donations from the ticket sales this year will be used to better the lives of the homeless community around the greater Lansing area. “During that week of November it is homeless awareness week,” said Nguyen. The Honor Society is using the powderpuff game that takes place in that same week to make a difference. This fundraiser provides another reason for the game to be put on, as it will now help the community.

With powderpuff being turned into a more formal event, the expected turnout is high. The school and players are hopeful for an enjoyable night while raising money through the National Honor Society in order to aid our district and others.

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