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The Best of Science Olympiad

Students at Holt share what they love about Science Olympiad and what its all about.


Staff Writer

Brooklyn Hulliberger


Junior Kaitlyn Hua, Freshman Erin Burcham, and Sophia Miller are practicing for one of their events in the commons at Holt high school | Photo Credit: Emma Denman

How is Science Olympiad run?

“The competitions for Science Olympiad are run by supervisors for each event at a certain location. The event and testing run for one hour each and some events run during the same time. Some of the events run at the same time are different topics like social science events, space science or technology events and building events are self-scheduled because they only take 10-20 minutes” said Junior Kaitlyn Hua.

“We go to a couple of invitational tournaments that help us practice, which ultimately prepares us for regionals. Based on how we do at regionals, we move onto states” said junior CC ly.

“It's run as an extracurricular activity after school for about 2 hours from Tuesday to

Thursday each week. During this time, you can talk with your partners about how to format your cheat sheets or what information you need to independently study. It's also a time where you can build for your events” said junior Annie Nguyen.

How much time do you put into Science Olympiad each season?

“I put in about two hours, three days a week, and for building events, I put in an extra three to four hours of practice,” said Hua.

“I put a lot of time into Science olympiad because the knowledge required for each event is so vast. Outside of the six hours I spend at practice each week, I often study on weekends” said Ly.

“It may not seem like it, but we surprisingly put in a lot of time. For my event Wright stuff, the three other students participating in the event and I have clocked in over 50 hours building, trimming, and testing our planes. With the other events, since October, I've studied for about 6 or more hours every week” Said Nguyen.

Where or how far are you planning on going this year as a team?

“Our team is planning on practicing at invitationals, getting in the top three places at regionals, and getting to states,” said Hua.

“We plan to go to states every year,” said Ly.


“The science olympiad team is quite successful. We have always gone to states, but one day the goal is to qualify for nationals” Said Nguyen.

What has been your greatest achievement so far in the program?

“Getting 6th place for the event towers at UofM during my freshman year because my partner and I had been perfecting our building to be very light and hold the most weight, and we achieved our personal record that night,” said Hua.

“My greatest achievement has probably been earning two medals at the state tournament,” said Ly.

“Winning second place at states last year in my event Wright stuff. My partner, Emery Miller, was an experienced senior who was really good at engineering. Our whole science olympiad season was leading up to that moment. Winning a medal at states in Michigan, which has some of the toughest competitors, is such an amazing opportunity” said Nguyen.

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