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The most boring super bowl of all time

With a final score of 13-3, this past Super Bowl has left people unsatisfied

Unless you are a Patriots fan, or more commonly at Holt, a Tom Brady fan, you probably did not enjoy Super Bowl 53 on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2019. When the top two juggernauts go head to head in the biggest game of the year, you would probably expect tons of highlights and offensive output, but this Super Bowl did the exact opposite of that. People who watch the Super Bowl, myself included, look forward to seeing some of the best offenses in the league putting up serious points and insane plays. However, with the defensive battle that Super Bowl 2019 was, exciting offense was a rarity.

With a score of 13-3, Super Bowl 2019 became the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, surpassing Super Bowl 7 in 1973 with a score of 14-3 in favor of the Miami Dolphins. Some people might think that setting a record would make for an exciting game, but the record that this Super Bowl broke caused it to be the most boring Super Bowl in history.

But the boring records didn’t stop there. There was also a record broken for the longest punt in Super Bowl history. Punter Johnny Hekker for the Los Angeles Rams kicked a 65 yard punt, which is just another lame record to add to a boring Super Bowl.

Illustration by Sean Curry

This was Patriot quarterback Tom Brady’s ninth Super Bowl since 2000. I’m sure that the rest of NFL fans would agree with me when I say that I am sick of seeing Tom Brady in this game. He has been winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl since I was born. The guy is 41 years old, which makes him the oldest starting quarterback in the NFL. I think it’s about time Tom Brady does us all a favor and hang up his cleats. I’ve seen too much of him.

Another reason for such an uninteresting Super Bowl was the lack of performance from the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are an extremely fun team to watch. They have a young quarterback, a young and ambitious coach, two stud wide receivers, and arguably the best running back in the NFL: Todd Gurley. For Todd Gurley to split carries with a washed up running back like C. J. Anderson is absolutely absurd. Todd Gurley averaged 89.4 yards per game, and 1.2 touchdowns per game. In the Super Bowl, he had 10 carries for 35 yards. It was one of the most underwhelming performances that he’s had this year, and it came at the absolute worst time.

Overall, the Super Bowl was a complete flop. I hope to never see such a boring Super Bowl like that again, so let’s just hope that next year the gamesets a record for the highest scoring Super Bowl, to make up for such an atrocious game this year.

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