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Twins find their niche through art

Students Hunter and Haleigh Mclain give insight to their eye-catching artwork

Twins are a rarity alone, but an even greater rarity is when they both excell at their shared talent.

Art by Hunter Mclain

Freshman Haleigh Mclain describes herself as shy, and more reserved. Her twin sister Hunter, on the other hand, describes herself as “nice.” Interestingly, both of their personalities shine through their own individual art.

The sisters started creating their work at a young age, influenced by their late grandfather, who was also an artist.

“I first started off by coloring, and then I found interest in flowers. That was my grandpa’s interest,” said Haleigh. “I got inspired by him. I loved it so much that I kept on doing it.”

Both sisters claim the depiction of a realistic style of art is one of their go-to’s, but each has a unique twist to her creations.

“I like to draw more realistic, and darker,” said Hunter. Hunter’s displayed art contains portraits and darker shades of color. Haleigh, on the other hand, goes a different route than her sister.

I hope to accomplish, [by] the end of high school, to inspire others to do their own artwork

“I like anime-type things,” said Haleigh. “I like to draw realistic most of the time, and I have just gotten into doing comics.”

Haleigh’s displayed art contains sceneries with hues of bright colors.

Both have expressed a personal sentiment towards art, striving to inspire others through their work.

“I hope to accomplish, [by] the end of high school, to inspire others to do their own artwork,” said Hunter.

The duo sells their pieces across multiple social media platforms, ensuring it is quality work that they have pride in.

“I sell my artwork that I’m proud of to the people who really want it,” said Haleigh. “Me and my sister really want to grow up to be [professional] artists.”

And they just might. According to Science Trends, there is a 68 percent probability that identical twins who share a similar creative interest will also work in a similar profession.

Professional artistry typically leaves interpretation up to the consumer, and can have a multitude of impressionable factors on each individual.

“I think [art] plays a big role because it inspires people,” said Hunter.

Despite possible differing opinions, artists in society have the creative outlet to showcase themselves and their art any way they please.

“Some artists do it to get attention, and some do it because they love it [art]. I think it can go either way,” said Haleigh.

Said Haleigh, “The things I’ve been through, the things I paint really help me get through it.

All Art by Hunter Mclain

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