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Why every proposal should pass on this years’ ballot

Proposal 1

Proposal 1 is the proposition of legalizing recreational use of cannabis for anyone in the state of Michigan that is the age of 21 or over. It also allows you to grow up to 12 plants at one time for personal use. There are many strict rules and laws regarding the legalization of

Illustration Credit: Eli Smith

marijuana, such as requiring people to lock up certain amounts in a safe, and a 10% tax included on every sale. The laws would also work similarly to the laws regarding alcohol and cigarettes. I believe that this would be great for our state, not only because of the economical advantage that it would bring, but because marijuana is far less harmful to the human body than cigarettes and alcohol (, which have been legal for many decades. This opportunity would bring many benefits to our state because, since 12.6% of Michigan residents already participate according to CBS News, legalizing it would only bring more customers in and allow the state to make money off of the activity.

Proposal 2

Proposal 2 is based upon the subject of gerrymandering and political parties redrawing districts to affect and swing voting. The problem with gerrymandering is that it benefits whoever is already in office, because they are the politicians that have the power to redraw the districts. Regardless, both parties are able to benefit greatly from this, but at the same time, it takes power away from the voters, which is why this proposal should be passed. Parties should not be able to draw lines to their own advantage because all it does is allow parties to be in power for a longer amount of time, which turns into a cycle with no voter voice involved.

Proposal 3

Proposal 3 is, or should be, a no brainer to anyone. Not much is to be said about it other than it allows politicians and future proposals to gain more votes in the long run. This proposal would allow anyone who turns 18 to immediately become registered and able to vote, so obviously I think it should be passed for the benefit of everyone.


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