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YOU, in-depth

A quick sneak peak into the chilling TV show, YOU


Staff Writer

Mason Pride


Image Credit: Netflix

A heartbroken man, the manager of a bookstore, instantly falls in love with a new New Yorker, Beck, while she walks around his store. He will do anything for her, but how far is too far? Joe, the bookstore manager, stalks around Beck when she is at home and school or just out on the town with friends. He got himself into situations that he could have avoided if he had acted civilly, yet I feel as though Joe could have had a very normal life if he did not do most of the things he did. He was sick and weird, his absence of a father did not help growing up. His father figure was his boss, Mr. Mooney, he wanted Joe to be scared of him so Joe would respect him and not mess up. Joe was put into a glass case when he messed up based on Mr. Mooney's standards. In the case are very important books and Joe decides to read all of them and learn life lessons along his years. Mr. Mooney was a messed up man and it affected Joe a lot. Joe continues his messed up life making more and more mistakes and messes up his relationship and he runs away. My personal opinion on the show is not the greatest. After every episode past the sixth one, I could feel myself shaking from being so disgusted and scared. I liked the character development of Joe and Beck and the course of their relationship, Joe kept me on the edge of my seat trying to be sneaky and creep around. The way the episode’s end, make you want to keep watching and not stop. Overall the story is messed up but a good story.

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