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This is Junior Abigail Arsenault's first year on the Ramparts staff, and she is very enthusiastic about getting to learn more about Journalism. After she graduates high school, she is hoping to get into a professional career in Journalism. Since she is being enrolled into an early college program this year, she is wanting to attend Michigan University to pursue journalism after that. Being interested in the reporting aspect of journalism, she is also interested in the business side. She is currently working at Zaytoon’s in Holt, so she is starting to learn a lot about local business. Last summer, she was volunteering for the program called FitKids 360. The program helps younger children make healthy habits. She was helping with setting things up and making a positive learning environment for them. She hopes to bring productivity and positivity to the staff this year. She is also hoping to work with a team to bring together a fundraiser for Ramparts. It would be bringing in money for the staff, and she is anticipating that it will be a great way for everyone in the community to come together. In her free time, she enjoys drawing. Over the past four years, she has been adding to her art portfolio. They are hyper realistic pencil drawings, and it is something she puts a lot into creatively. Hoping to bring that creativity to the staff, she is looking forward to this year with Ramparts.

Written by Abigail Arsenault

Abigail Arsenault

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