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Delaney Darling joined Ramparts staff at the beginning of her junior year as a staff writer. She plans to focus on developing her writing skills and be open minded to any article given to her. She loves the opportunity to be able to explore different aspects of the school and share her writing with others. Along with journalism, she takes honors English to push her writing in a different way. She hopes to take the experience she gains from Ramparts and her English classes to college where she hopes to study journalism or English literature. Outside of Ramparts, she focuses most of her time on volleyball. She participates on the Holt Varsity team during season and plays for a national team year round. She wants to take volleyball to college also, enjoying the two major aspects of her life. She hopes the leadership that she learns from Ramparts and her sports helps her become a better writer, showing throughout all of her work. She hopes the year ends well and is excited to publish her work.

Written by Delaney Darling

Delaney Darling

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