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Junior Ines Tomic joined the Ramparts staff this year. She hopes to be able to grow as a writer, with an amazing team and learn how to communicate better. She likes to contribute to the people around her, with hopes that with being able to contribute that she’ll have a voice. All of her life she has been around people that she found to be so inspiring by their speeches, and now she hopes she can make just as much as a difference through her writing. Outside of journalism, she participates in various activities that can take her outside. She likes to be outside with nature, especially during the fall season, and she enjoys to spend this time with her dog. Although she spends time doing that, she also believes in the fact that life shouldn’t be wasted doing one thing. She believes in the phrase Carpe Diem or “seize the day.” She gives some of her spare time to helping her aunt with her business as well, and with that has learned to become better at managing her time. She joined journalism in hopes to be able to help her grow for her future plans, becoming a lawyer. With learning more communication skills, and how to communicate better with people, she hopes this will be a major influence. She is excited to see how this year will go, and how everyone will grow both individually and collectively.

Written by Ines Tomic

Ines Tomic

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