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Senior Roman Sarkisov is new to the Ramparts staff this year. He is ready to help the newspaper with whatever the publication needs. He is enthusiastic to create a variety of intriguing and informational stories for the community to read. Outside of Ramparts, Roman plays on the varsity squad in his second year of tennis. He also enjoys playing basketball recreationally with his friends. He plans on pursuing a dietetics degree at Michigan State University. His most probable plan is to go to LCC for two years and transfer to MSU for two years. He also wants to travel to California by bike. After spending some time there, he would love to move to Europe where he can live his life to the fullest. He believes in hard work, sacrificing the short term for the long term, being honest respectfully, and living life with no regrets. Although introverted, the most important part of Roman’s life is his friends. Journalism has become an interest after he watched The Newsroom, and he realized the importance of media. With that, Roman is looking forward to accomplishing great things with the Ramparts staff.

Written by Roman Sarkisov

Roman Sarkisov

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